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Lantai Kayu dari Pohon Kelapa

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Coconut tree material's floor

"Home sweet home" is an adagio for everyone who dreams residence's satisfaction. They are trying hundreds ways to give some beautiful touch for the residence. Unique architecture innovation, creative construction, interior designs are some of those efforts.

Timber as one of many nature rich in Indonesia is believed as a significant factor for residence beautification. It fulfills those who are involved with residence interior design. The various timber process of the country, creatively, has inspired sustainable innovations for interior design with reasonable price, exclusive impression within its simplicity.

Processed from Sulawesi's coconut tree, the biggest coconut producer in Indonesia, we offer you a unique floor material from coconut tree and give elegance nuance behind its simplicity to your residence. The materials resist nature such as physical factors, such as climate change. It is because the floor's material processed from 50 years of age of the coconut tree. This is designed for your kitchen, living room, bed room, as well as dining room. If you want unique, cheap, and elegant interior design, then our product is the best choice for you. Just contact us, and we would serve your our best product with various size, depends on your demand.

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